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Dangers Of Old Electrical Wiring Types In Your Home & How A Domestic Electrician Can Help

Old electrical wiring that has not been inspected by a qualified Level 2 Electrician and approved to be safe is extremely risky and dangerous.

This is because older systems, such as VIR cables and black rubber cables, are more prone to be damaged and wear down as time passes. The Fire and Rescue department says that over 40% of home fires are caused by older and faulty electrical systems.  Raylec electrical experts encourage that electrical safety inspections are completed annually to ensure that, for older systems, it is safe to live in older homes and that all of our clients can trust their property‚Äôs electrical systems all year-round.

The main dangers with old electrical wiring systems include:

  • Overloaded electrical circuits due to more extension cords needed
  • Poor and old insulation for electricity
  • The abscess of grounding systems
  • Loose and damaged electrical wires
  • Wiring that is poorly modified and connected

Signs of Old Wiring Systems

Homes built more than thirty to forty years ago are more than likely to have issues with the wiring system. The older the home and no inspections, the higher chance of the wiring system is really unsafe and ruined. These signs can indicate that the home may need to have inspection as soon as possible:

  • No grounding system included in the home
  • Burning smells coming from electrical devices
  • Switch plates and outlets are discoloured and are warm when touched
  • The insulation is cracked, damaged or missing wires and shows exposed wires
  • Any splices that are wrapped in modern electrical tape, meaning they were not soldered
  • Lights dimmer and flicker quite often, specially when it is windy
  • Any wiring which is surrounded by some building insulation
  • The circuit or fuse breakers becomes tripped on a frequent basis

Raylec Electrical Experts for Rewiring & Electrical Inspections

Raylec electrical experts highly recommends using our level two electrical contractors for proper electrical safety inspections and old electrical rewiring.  Our certified for inspection services and can handle any wiring system from VIR cables to black rubber cables. This is particularly important for older homes as we can see if there are any problems with the electrical wiring.  Raylec’s certified electricians are exactly who to hire when you need a proper inspection.

Contact us today or check our fault finding page for further details


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