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How Do I Charge My Electric Car?

If not for the environmental benefit, you’ve no doubt heard your neighbour bragging about how much money they save on fuel since they bought an electric car.  But with something so new, you’ve probably wondered more than once about the practicality.

  • How easy is it to charge an electric car?
  • Where are the charging stations?
  • How long does it take to charge an electric car?
  • How do I charge my EV from home?

This quick guide will show you exactly that.

1. Electric car UK charging points map

Raylec electrical have installed EV Charging stations in countless homes in Leicester and surrounding areas.  Our clients often had one concern..

Where else can we charge our car?

Check out Zap Map and you’ll see just how many electric vehicle charging stations there are near you.

2. How long does it take to charge an electric car?

Charging your electric car just may be one of your biggest questions.  How long does it take and can it meet your busy lifestyle?

Our customers charge their electric cars when they’re not in use, such as at home, overnight or when parked in the supermarket (see the Zap Map above for EV charging locations).

In many respects, it’s not much different than your phone or laptop.  Just charge it when you’re not using it.

With the practicality of charging at home or while at the supermarket, many drivers prefer to just keep their battery topped up.  Take into account that during the colder months your batter may not last quite as long.

In summary, how long it takes to charge an electric car depends on:

  • Electric car battery size
  • How many miles driven in-between charging
  • The power rating of the charger you’re using – you can speak to our EV charger installation experts
  • EV battery technology is improving all the time – advancements in the USA have achieved 250 miles from a 10 minute charge

3. What about electric car sockets?

  • Slow chargers: Slow chargers have a maximum of 3.6 kW available, and typically take between 6-12 hours to recharge a pure electric car. These chargers are ideal for at home overnight charging.
  • Rapid chargers: Rapid are the quickest (43 kW+), generally capable of charging cars to 80% in 20-40 minutes, depending on how big the battery is and how much charge it’s holding to start with, so they’re a great way to top up during long journeys. You can often find them in motorway service car parks, petrol stations, larger shopping centers and supermarkets.
  • Fast chargers: Fast chargers are rated at 7-22 kW and usually take between 3-7 hours to recharge an EV depending on the battery size of the car. 

4. What power rating should I use for my home socket?

For charging your electric vehicle at home, 3-7 kW chargers are the most popular and are widely used in the UK.  Many UK households have a single-phase (AC) electricity supply and can support the additional 7 kW load.

You should check with your installer that your fuse board has enough capacity to hold the load of a charging station otherwise you may have to upgrade your fuse board.

When travelling longer distances, rapid charges offer that quicker charge for your electric vehicle when needed.  Bare in mind that your battery can degrade over time if you’re only using rapid chargers.

Are You Ready For A Home EV Charger Installation?

If you’re ready to install an EV charger at home or just have more questions you need answering.  Contact our expert team at Raylec electrical and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you the next steps.


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